BUD Modern Chinese Wedding Edition

BUD Wonderland — Tomorrowland Limited Edition Bottle

This limited edition Budweiser package aptly named “Bud Wonderland” is specifically designed for the Tomorrowland Electronic Music Festival. Drawing inspiration from Tomorrowland’s fantastic rave music and its energy-boosting ingredient — guarana, a myriad of optical illusions serve as design elements to the packaging. All graphics exude flamboyant colors and intense energy let partygoers know they are in for a wild time with just one sip.

BUD X SHQFF — The Double Label Bottle

We Designed a series of bottles for BUD XSHQFF (Shanghai Queer film festival) called “The Double Label Bottle”. The top label used the original Budweiser design paired with our core idea "Unleash your true self”.  And invited guests to tear off the cover label to find the real message underneath.

We picked emotional shots from queer films and processed them with artistic treatment to express our receptive attitude visually. This packaging campaign empowers everyon to celebrate the true colours and embrace who we are!